2019 ASCO Highlights

What a solid trip to Chicago for the Annual ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) meeting. We covered a lot of bases! Played Where's Waldo with our logo around the convention center (NICE!), got to meet our 2019 Conquer Cancer Foundation Young Investigator, Michael Kinnaman (now you're stuck with us!) who's at Memorial Sloan Kettering and being mentored by pal, Paul Meyers, took meetings and obligatory photos with our friends and brains pushing provocative research, and spent some quality time checking in with everyone. Every year, we look forward to our check-ins and discoveries with our Sarcoma community. We couldn't be more grateful for these folks. Michael sent QuadW a letter after our introduction at ASCO, and his words are the best reminder of why we can't and won't stop! WELCOME TO OUR WILD & KOOKY KREW! We love all of you!

Our new hotline is LIVE!

A new hotline is live for osteosarcoma patients! The Osteosarcoma Institute today launched the Osteosarcoma Information Hotline, a service provided by the OSI in collaboration with the HonorHealth Research Institute. Callers can speak with an experienced nurse navigator at no charge, who will work with a sarcoma expert physician to provide answers. Fighting osteosarcoma is daunting, and getting information can be challenging, so the goal is to provide osteo patients with quick access to reliable information and advice as soon as they get a diagnosis. Willie would have really benefitted from this! Check it out at www.osteosarcoma.info! #HonorHealth

Visiting UT Campus and our scholarship recipients

QuadW made a pit stop at UT Campus to meet with the Plan II Director, Alexandra K. Wettlaufer AND we got to visit with two of our scholarship recipients, Sarah Grant and Daisy Johnston! We learned that Daisy studied abroad in Denmark and plans to take her studies to Edinburgh next! Sarah is headed off to Italy this summer! And is Etrieu a college student again? She blends right in. HOOK EM! 🀘🏽

AACR 2019 with our Fellowship Recipient, Dr. Benjamin A. Nacev!

Mac & Lisa rep’d Quadw at the @aacr_foundation meeting in Atlanta! We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Benjamin A. Nacev to our QuadW tribe! Ben is our 2019 QuadW Foundation|AACR Fellowship Fellow for Clinical/Translational Sarcoma Research! He works at the @sloankettering Institute for Cancer Research and his focus will be on Therapeutically targeting epigenetically-driven sarcomas. Ever heard of a histone mutation? Well, Ben will be able tell us all about them after his fellowship! Another fun fact: Ben is being mentored by our friend, Bill Tap! Dream team! πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™


We are still spinning our wheels after yesterdays Cycle for Survival ride in Dallas. We can proudly say that we exceeded our $100,000 mark and will be riding into this year's goal to support a Sarcoma fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering. With the help of the brave and the bold, Bob Harbeson, who led and wrangled up the QuadW team members, and other supporting teams including PH Rocks, The Lone Star Cavalry, The Pedal Pushers, Orange Crush, Jeff's Jets-Miami, Jeff's Jets-Dallas, Hopper, and#teambennett, the QuadW Foundation tips our hats off to you for cranking your gears and being all-star fundraisers. We are deeply touched by the personal stories and connections that brought our teams together to make a grander impact. Our hearts are warmed and fired up to see your efforts utilized at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. πŸ’™

Cycle for Survival Challenge!

2019, We, QuadW Foundation, are definitely out here! We are spinning our wheels for Cycle for Survival and offering a $50,000 challenge match to encourage fundraising and help reach this year's goal of $100,000 to support a sarcoma fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. We welcome and appreciate all the support and spirit towards our team! We have until Jan. 26th until our big ride. Let's get our gears turned up together! HUGS <3


2018 ASCO was a huge success!

Did you ASCO? Well, we had a successful trip to Chicago lol'ing and getting down to business with some of our favorite folks and we're giddy to share! We kicked off the trip at the SARC (The Sarcoma Alliance For Research Through Collaboration) meeting that primarily focused on OSTEOSARCOMA (double tap that), where Mac and our buddy Lee Helman, who traveled from Los Angeles' Childrens Hospital were recognized. We hugged Dr. Bob Benjamin and Rich Gorlick of Houston's MD Anderson, where Willie used to do his treatments. We caught up with our University of Michigan pal, Beth Lawlor, visited with our Young Investigators old and new, Yvonne Mowery of Duke University, MD Anderson Andy Livingston, and Steve Dubois of Dana Farber at the poster session, AND we met our newest YIA addition, Adam Durbin, also at Dana Farber, at the Conquer Cancer Foundation's donor lounge. oh AND ALSO caught up with Bill Tap of Memorial Sloan Kettering at the Albert, and broke bread with Brian Crompton who traveled from Boston's Dana Farber at dinner. Are you winded from all the excitement? Chicago and wind...WE ARE!

10th anniversary and 12 QuadW Missional Internship sites!

A,B,C,D,E...K,M,P,P,R,R,R,R. We know our ABCs, but did you know that we have 12 live QuadW Missional Internship sites and it's the QuadWMI's 10th anniversary!!!! Beloved being doers, y'all!

QuadWMI is made up of college interns who dedicate their time to serve among the poor and marginalized, connect the churches and their communities, and are being transformed into vibrant leaders sharing God's love. Sites currently exist in Anniston, AL, Birmingham, AL, Columbus, OH, Dallas, TX, Elkhart, IN, Kansas City, KS, Mobile, AL, Pine Bluff, AR, Portland, OR, Reading, PA, Riverside, CA and Riverton, WY.