2019 ASCO Highlights

What a solid trip to Chicago for the Annual ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) meeting. We covered a lot of bases! Played Where's Waldo with our logo around the convention center (NICE!), got to meet our 2019 Conquer Cancer Foundation Young Investigator, Michael Kinnaman (now you're stuck with us!) who's at Memorial Sloan Kettering and being mentored by pal, Paul Meyers, took meetings and obligatory photos with our friends and brains pushing provocative research, and spent some quality time checking in with everyone. Every year, we look forward to our check-ins and discoveries with our Sarcoma community. We couldn't be more grateful for these folks. Michael sent QuadW a letter after our introduction at ASCO, and his words are the best reminder of why we can't and won't stop! WELCOME TO OUR WILD & KOOKY KREW! We love all of you!