QuadW’s mission, culture, aspirations, and goals are all a reflection of Willie Tichenor

  William    Evans    Tichenor    May 15, 1986  - March 15, 2006

William Evans Tichenor
May 15, 1986 - March 15, 2006

Willie was raised in Dallas, TX and attended Highland Park High School and the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin. He was an active member in his church’s youth group, (his parents will tell you that Willie was a little bit of a handful as a younger child, but he grew up a lot through his participation in mission trips), performed in theatre productions and sang in choir, was an avid snowboarder, and played drums and sang lead vocals for his band, CloverStreet.

Willie was a charmer with a broad smile that often crept up when you talked with him.  He was a loyal friend, a talented musician, and a committed giver to those around him. Willie was fiercely intelligent but also wasn’t afraid to moon someone for a quick laugh. He enjoyed giving to his community in various capacities. As a UT student and member of the Iron Spikes organization, Willie noted, “I can’t wait to get my hands on the Spikes’ philanthropy, because I think we can do better”.  

During a college assignment, he was challenged to write a road map for his life. Willie’s roadmap outlined what was most important to him (friends, family and band mates), and the places that inspired him (Wyoming, the beach, his grandparents’ ranch, and downtown Dallas). Most teenagers have a spot they like to hang out with their friends.  For Willie’s group, that spot centered around wherever he was.