QuadW's consistent work has positioned the foundation to be able to bring together the top medical minds to prioritize and solve Sarcoma’s biggest hurdles.


QuadW has achieved a great deal over the past ten years through collaborations in the field of sarcoma research. Our grants have resulted in over one hundred publications - the raw material of progress.

We have invested more than $1 million dollars to attract talented young doctors and researchers in an underfunded field. We have accelerated research by supporting adult and pediatric sarcoma tissue banking. And we continue to develop a robust network to connect problems with solutions.

If we believe an idea, approach, or innovation can further sarcoma research, we get behind it.


“A group that’s as energizing as the QuadW Foundation and their board inspires us to not think ‘these are the problems,’ but say ‘this is the solution.’”

Stephen Skapek, MD
UT Southwestern Medical Center

1 Million in investment over the past 9 years
(25% of QuadW Sarcoma Spend)

Fellowships at 3 major Cancer institutions
Dana Farber
MD Anderson
Memorial Sloan Kettering

17 Young Investigators funded through ASCO & AACR

QuadW Foundation Relationship Map

Quad W believes that purposefully connecting leading Sarcoma clinicians, researchers and institutions is critical to identifying new therapies for patients and breaking down barriers to progress. We've demonstrated our success and commitment to this strategy by forging strong relationships with our grants and dedicated leadership role within the Sarcoma community.