With this in mind, the QuadW Missional Internship was established, an investment in transformation for both the program’s participants and the communities they serve.  This two-month summer internship places college students in charge of programs for high-risk children, assisting senior citizens, and helping refugee populations adjust and integrate. It focuses on those who truly live on the margins.


Contextual Living

Interns live in the challenging communities they serve. They build relationships in the community and listen and respond to needs as identified by those who experience them.

Church partnerships

Interns partner with churches in need of reconnection with their local communities. As a result, dying churches have been experiencing new life as they begin to reflect the diversity of their neighborhoods, both racially and across age lines.

Christian Community

Interns arrive with widely different backgrounds, including socio-economic, spiritual maturity, race and upbringing. They deal with their own stereotyping, false assumptions and weaknesses as they help each other recognize and strive to reach their potential. They have coined the phrase, "We came as strangers, we leave as family."


The internship is structured to provide quality leadership for the interns as they are transformed by the experience and are transforming the community. There are small groups, one-on-one mentors, group worship and journaling required by the program.

"The QuadW Missional Internship has had a broad and profound impact. For many of our interns it has literally been life changing, altering their views and plans for the future in dramatic ways. The effect on the communities served cannot be overstated. Many desperate needs would have gone unfulfilled if not for the work of our interns."

Don Woolley
Founder and Director of QuadW Summer Missional Internship