our mission

The QuadW Foundation provides financial support to people and organizations pursuing innovative ideas and opportunities in the areas of higher education, sarcoma research, personally transforming mission experiences and general philanthropy. Our accomplishments will reflect the light-hearted but whole-hearted spirit that Willie embodied.


Innovative Sarcoma Research

QuadW has achieved a great deal over the past ten years. Our grants have resulted in over one hundred publications – the raw material of progress. We have invested more than $1 million dollars to attract talented young doctors and researchers in an underfunded field. 

higher education

QuadW has given students the means to pursue education at the highest level. We have provided over fifty scholarships to help students follow their career dreams and explore the world around them. We promote higher education with a higher purpose.

personally transformative mission

Willie was transformed through his experiences helping others. In that spirit, QuadW established a program to fund participants and organizations that create mission opportunities to make positive impacts in communities.

General Philanthropy

In addition to their work with QuadW, our board members are involved in a variety of other philanthropic activities.  Through QuadW’s discretionary grant program, QuadW has supported a variety of its board members’ interests in their own communities.

Over ten years ago, we asked ourselves a question: What would Willie want? 

Since then, we've been answering. Read more about the progress the QuadW Foundation has made with over a decade of dedication and research.